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I really have nothing to do (pretends to not to see the summer homework I still have to do) so if you follow me I’ll probably follow you and stalk you on your blog and like/reblog anything and everything that I find remotely interesting on your blog. I always feel warm somewhere deep inside my corrupted dark soul whenever someone follows me and likes/reblogs my stuff so I might as well return the favor.

Filed under text me whatever do my rediculously long tags annoy you guys? y'all should talk to me ask me questions and stuff please I love talking to people I don't know online it's fun making friends lets talk about anime and kpop and manga and school and homework and teachers and kitties and puppies and rainbows and unicorns and sparkles and love and romance and cute warm fuzzy feelings and boyfriends and girlfriends and no friends and break ups and how they don't deserve you and angst and happiness and sadness and depression and encouragement and discovering our dreams and chasing our dreams and getting our dreams crushed and picking ourselves back up and going onward because life is cruel and all we can do is move onwards but we don't have to do it alone because we can all be friends so let's talk about everything and nothing and all things in between because I want to be your friend

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